Design the Future of Each place

We are a creative company that collectively designs real estate projects.

By seamlessly connecting the three areas of investment funding, architectural design, and operation planning, a variety of professionals form a circle of creativity, and organically collaborate respectively to the project, creating unique ideas and approaches, in order to continuously provide value to society.

We will create places with a sense of Love, Feel by Global, Live with Local.

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Mission Statement


We offer creative ideas that inspired from the trinity of planning, design and operation, together with active use of funding schemes we aim to maximize profits in the real estate business. 


2|Site Specific

We make use of our global sensibilities and abilities to enhance the value of places,

to develop businesses that respect the unique cultures in different locales. 



We are a borderless organization that gathers professionals with unique senses and skills to always form the best team to suit each project.

Out Line

Company Name | Project O Inc.

Address | 1F Yahagi Bldg. , 1-19-14 , Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Capital | 9,000,000 Japanese Yen


Business Activities |

Real Estate Funding Business, Joint Investment Business, Real Estate Brokerage Business, Architecture and Interior Planning, Survey, Design, Supervision, Operation planning, Business Development Planning, Branding


Qualifications | Japan Registered First Class Architect License, Real Estate Broker License

Contact | info@project-o.co.jp