Bachelor degree in Political Studies at Keio University

Engaged in residential real estate sales business at Recruit Cosmos (now known as Cosmos Initia) At Kenedix he is primarily involved in the acquisition of offices and hotels, as well as in hotel development through funding schemes nationwide. He has ample experience in a wide range of fund-related businesses such as M&A, debt and mezzanine investment for real estate acquisition.

President and CEO / Naoyuki Kitamura

Bachelor degree in Economics at Kyoto University

Experienced a wide range of projects at a strategic consulting firm, including business strategy formulation, organizational reform, and financial foundation building. The government-affiliated regional revitalization fund (REVIC) has been engaged in PJ revitalization of local areas centered on investment in hotel and inn business and business revitalization, and has a track record of revitalizing Fujiya ryokan in Yugawara, etc. He has strong connections with a network of hotel operators, regional financial institutions, and various administrative organizations.

Chief Director / Yoshiyuki Takano


Master’s degree at Graduate School of Engineering, Kanagawa University

Katsuji Tochizawa graduated University with an Urban planning and Architecture Major, upon which he was involved in spatial design and planning at Aim Create, and redevelopment of diversified businesses at the Transit General Office. This includes developments ranging from cafes and restaurant businesses to urban and commercial facilities, hotels, spas and saunas, offices, and residences. He can provide holistic and yet specialized spatial branding that bridges between human beings and nature, cities and architecture, interior and graphic design, hard and software, surpassing all scopes and genres.

Creative Director/ Katsuji Tochizawa


Master Degree in Media and Governance at Keio University

Worked for two years at Akihisa Hirata Architects and nine years at Toyo Ito Architects.

Participated in design and site supervision of the Shin-Aomori Prefectural Sports Park Athletics Stadium, high-rise offices in Taiwan, Earthquake Tsunami Revival project “Home-for-All”, and numerous domestic and international competitions. First-class Licensed Architect in Japan.

Chief Director  / Shigetaka Nakajima

Bachelor degree in Law at Keio University

At Global Agents, Koji Arashima was engaged in a wide range of operations from sourcing, planning, development to operation of hotels and co-living (social apartments). At WeWork, he oversaw co-working office management strategy planning. He also has experience in operational planning for hotels, houses, offices and various asset types.

Strategic Planner /Koji Arashima

Visiting Professor at Musashino Art University, Master Degree in Musashino Art University

After joining Design Division at Shimizu Corporation, he studied at Chhada Siembieda and Associates (Singapore) and worked as a core member at the Field Four Design Office.

After receiving numerous awards such as the Good Design Award and other architectural and interior awards, he became President and CEO of the company, and has experience working on design solutions that transcend domains such as architecture, interiors, landscapes and product designs. Established ITSDAZ in 2020. Designer.

Advisor Yoshiharu Shimura

Y-GSA  Master Degree at Yokohama National University 

For nine years at the East Environment and Architecture Research Institute, she has engaged in numerous domestic and international hotels, inns, and house designs, including Hoshinoya Resorts (Tokyo, Okinawa, and Bali). Active in a wide range of design aspects, including architectural design, interior design, and furniture design. First-class Licensed Architect in Japan.

Chief Director / Sugika Oka

Bachelor Degree in Urban Engineering at Tokyo University, Kaisei Junior High School Graduate

At Mitsubishi Corporation, he was engaged in construction management for real estate development in Baghdad and Hong Kong. At Yasuda Trust and Banking (now Mizuho Trust and Banking), he has been involved in numerous real estate sourcing and brokerage businesses in the Real Estate Investment Division. At Kenedix, he has been in charge of fund management as a head of portfolio management strategies for over ¥ 1 trillion, and has served as President and Chairman of the Board. He also has knowledge of operational assets such as service offices and serviced apartments, including concurrently serving as president of Space Design.

Advisor / Atsushi Kawashima

Bachelor Degree in Department of Law and Politics at Chuo University

At the Daiichi Hotel Co., Ltd., he started as a Bellboy, and after several on-site experience, he worked at the new hotel development department for domestic and overseas projects. After transferring to the Mitsubishi Estates Hotel Division, he participated in hotel development and operation of the Yokohama Landmark Tower and led the development of the Royal Park Shiodome Tower, as well as becoming the CEO of the same operating company for several years. Since then, he also participated in the development of international terminal hotels in Fukuoka, Kyoto, Nagoya and Haneda Airport. Established company Triple Win in 2015 and engage in hotel consulting and advisory services

Advisor / Hiroyuki Asakura

Master’s Degree in Architecture at Deakin University (Vic., AU)

Hideto has over 10 years experience in the global Architecture industry, ranging from Cultural facilities, large scale commercial mixed-use to Office buildings.

Through experiences in many high-profile complex projects at Gensler and Sou Fujimoto Architects (based both locally and abroad), his collaborative passion, together with enthusiasm for project management is pivotal in the delivery of best design outcome – to meet the Client’s needs while responding to complex design parameters and programmatic constraints.

His principle to become Client’s Design Partner over a consultant is essential in proposing the best design solution in alignment with Client’s business goals, notably in Corporate office building and workplace design.

Chief Director / Hideto Chijiwa

Professor at Keio University Graduate School, Kyoto University Graduate

Leader of Kobayashi and Maki Design Workshop (KMDW), American design conglomerate Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP Japan Representative, Tokyo Ginza and Nihonbashi area town planning advisor.He has worked in architectural design offices, universities and research organizations in Japan and overseas. While internationally conducting practical and consulting work on architectural and urban design of various sizes, he is also exploring his own spatial creation through research on design, construction, and community development. After the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, he developed a disaster revival project using a simple self-built building "Veneer House", which is renown within and outside of Japan. Currently planning an architectural project to implement the SDGs at Keio University. Registered architect.

Advisor / Hiroto Kobayashi

University of California, Berkeley Law School

Partner Lawyer at TMI Law Firm. He has ample experience in fund management, non-recourse loans as well as hotel management contracts and M & A for real estate companies, for hotels, real estates and financial industries. 

He also has extensive experience in the hotel industry, from attracting and developing foreign-owned luxury hotels, to forming private placement funds with a portfolio of multiple business hotels and acquiring overseas hotel chains. Legal Advisor of this company, part-time lecturer at University of Tsukuba.

Advisor Hideaki Kurauchi