Real Estate Fund / Consulting

Asset Management / Real Estate Investment / Real Estate Brokerage / Consulting

We offer attractive investment opportunities centered on real estate development funding and value-up funding that combine diverse funding schemes with unique planning and problem solving.

In order to maximize real estate profits jointly among business owners, investors and clients, we provide various opportunities, from medium-long term joint investment, to real estate brokerage based on appropriate allocation to business owners that prioritizes cultivated investment opportunities, from construction management to consultation services, we coordinate alongside with operation planning and design.


Architectural Design 

Architectural design / design supervision / renovation / conversion design / architecture design supervision

A team that comprises of designers who worked in leading architectural offices, with a wealth of skills and experience that can integrate with knowledge in economics, functionality and design to create spaces with a novel value.

We realize unique spaces through various design approaches. For instance, architectural design and supervision of hotels and resorts, offices, public facilities, etc; site survey, planning and architectural design supervision from an urban planning perspective; and re-evaluate and reconfigure existing buildings through Interior design, renovation and conversion in order to maximize their values, and many more.


Operation Planning / Creative Direction

Operation Planning / Concept / Business Planning / Business Development / Creative Direction

A team that has been engaged in planning, design and operation aspects of space branding, will provide operation planning and business development services to support optimum profits in the running of Resort and Leisure facilities, commercial, hotels, offices, residential and brand shops. By combining unique cultures such as architecture, design, art, food, fashion, music, video, IT, etc in an ideal balance to provide a unique branding with ample growth potential.